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Tommi Kropsu:
(Medlem sedan Augusti 2012)

Tommi Kropsu - GBGMMA

Elisabeth Brun:
(Medlem sedan Augusti 2012)

Omg. I wrote this almost 2 months ago. I remember the anxieties I had the first 6-7 times I went to my mma classes. Second time I went I was sitting in the locker room for almost 15 minutes (nobody else was in there at that time), trying to convince myself not to walk out and go back home. For those first 6-7 times I really had to prepare myself for it when I woke up that day (even if it was like 10-13 hours until I was gonna be there), as if I didn’t wake up with enough anxieties already. But I pushed my anxieties (over that) aside, and choosed happiness. And now I’ve been doing it for almost 2 months.
I’m so happy I stuck with it. I love it. I love being pushed to my limit when it comes to exercising. I love the place, the people there are amazing, I’ve made some cool and awesome friends. And all of this is helping me fight, and cope with, my anxieties so much.
I’ve found a place where I belong.
Elisabeth Brun - GBGMMA