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Vinst för Domingos Mestre i Finland!

Domingos MestreI fredags var det dags för Domingos Mestre att äntra oktagonen och möta Juha-Pekka Vainikainen på galan Cage32 i Finland.

Domingos dominerade totalt och drog i 3e ronden ut sin motståndare på en guillioutine!

Vi gratulerar Domingos till vinsten och passar samtidigt på att ställa några frågor:

Hello Domingos.
First of all, congratulations to your win.
How does it feel?
Thank you.
It feels very good and it feels extra nice to have competed in BJJ, K1 and MMA in the same month!
Are you satisfied with your preformance?
Well I´m happy to win, and now I´m going to fix all the details during training that didnt work out in the fight.
Did the fight go as you planned?
I had a ”gameplan” with my coaches Joakim Engberg and Lionel Agbodjan and the fight went according to the plan.
Almost all of it…
How did you celebrate?
I celebrate by being in bed early but up all night watching the serie MR ROBOT. =)
What is your next goal?
Do you have a new fight in sight?

Nothing is decided yet but I´m going to keep busy!
You have been profighting for a while …
What do you say to the young people who want to fight on a professional level.

I tell the youth from the club to train hard and listen to their coach and that there are no shortcuts in that sport.
You get as much as u give!
Well some of them are fighting on Saturday in Malmö…
Yes I know and I´m really looking forward to see the new generation fighting this weekend!
Thank you so much for your time and congratulations yet again!
Any last words or thoughts?

I would like to finish this interview by showing my gratitude to my coaches.
I´m so greatfull and thankfull to my coaches at GBGMMA Joakim Engberg (headcoach),Lionel Agbodjan and Jimmy Lagerström for the time and knowledge they give me!
//Domingos Mestre

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